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Our current featured member is Mike Petruso, a FUNction Community Member for 2 years now. Any of our members can tell you that Mike lives play in a very pure way as a father, teacher, and instructor. It seems like play comes out of this man’s pores!

Move Theory Articles

  • Culture Play and Parenting with Dr....

    Here, we continue our conversation on culture, play, and parenting with Dr. Helga Vierich (click here for Part I).
    Dr. Vierich (Ph.D, Anthropology, University of Toronto, 1982)is a Canadian who has done fieldwork in archaeology, cultural anthropology, and applied anthropology. Her interests are in substance economies …

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  • Post Image

    Culture, Parenting, and Play with D...

    I am starting this new Move Theory Series to look at how play and parenting might be influenced by culture, and how all three may be influenced by environment and resources.  This is about questioning everything.  What are our goals for our children’s lives and …

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  • Two Free FUNction Games You Can Pla...

    2 Free FUNction Snow Games!
    It is snowing here in Virginia!  Today, I had Our FUNction Community members vote on which of our games they would most want to play in the snow!  Here are the 3 top vote getters for FUNction snow games, and what …

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  • My Two Favorite Moments: A Kiss an...

    I lead a pretty busy and full life.
    As someone with both a demanding job and a strong sense of purpose,this is both by choice and by nature. Loving and caring for my family anchors me, and keeps me from disappearing into the stratosphere. Having a family makes me …

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  • Post Image

    Sensational Child Development Claim...

    There are so many sensational claims in child development these days (including this headline – gotcha).  Parents, teachers, concerned community members seem to be experiencing a lot of shared stress about children.  Further, opinions on child rearing and education seem to be getting more polarized …

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