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I went from a teenager who felt awkward moving, to someone who is helping to transition the concept of human movement to a more playful, cooperative, creative path.

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Move Theory Articles

  • Mission San Francisco Takes a Stand...

    Several young men and boys took a stand for the neighborhood in Mission San Francisco
    I’m going to show you this video and then we are going to have a conversation about it.  Not because I want to.  But because we need to.  This video from …

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    Every child is special needs...

    photo credit: BC Family
    Before I say what I am about to say, let me first give you a disclaimer: I am NOT saying anything that is “against” those we currently classify as special needs, nor am I against spending time and resources helping them. QUITE …

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    Play. Let’s Be More Specific...

    Will being more specific about play help?  
    It’s been a while since I wrote here.  That’s not great “blogging practice”, but I tend to write only when I am inspired to.  I was inspired to write today.  First, let me say it is a wonderful …

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  • Real Talk: Solving The Virus In Our...

    I am angry about this mess we are in from a viral desire to maintain the power structure at all costs.  There were, yet again, multiple instances of young black males being harassed and even killed by police officers.  This has included excessive force, general harassment, …

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  • Post Image

    Think kids just need “multipl...

    Multiple sports enrollment is not the panacea
    There has been this trend over the past few years of talking about preventing overuse injuries and preventing burnout in kids by encouraging them to enroll in multiple sports.  I am going to tell you here why I think that …

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