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Move Theory Articles

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    The Danger In Our Interpretations o...

    Addendum:  If you are finding it difficult to understand the purpose of this article and what it offers, here you go:  
    Kids’ lives are being altered and derailed because people often misinterpret research.  I am offering here, in this article, some context and tools you …

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    Connect Four To Solve Education: A...

    I have worked both inside and outside the educational system, and have a plethora of family members that work in and with educational systems at every level. In that experience, I find what people typically “say” about education to be closer to “some truth” than …

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    Crossfit Kids in San Diego. What Do...

    Are Kids Supposed to Be Crossfit “Elite”?  
    Note: NO I do NOT think this pic representative of the intention of all “Crossfit Kids” programs. This pic is about a juxtaposition of ideas, and our intentions toward children. Not an attack or assumption
    I am only writing …

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  • Culture Play and Parenting with Dr....

    Here, we continue our conversation on culture, play, and parenting with Dr. Helga Vierich (click here for Part I).
    Dr. Vierich (Ph.D, Anthropology, University of Toronto, 1982)is a Canadian who has done fieldwork in archaeology, cultural anthropology, and applied anthropology. Her interests are in substance economies …

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    Culture, Parenting, and Play with D...

    I am starting this new Move Theory Series to look at how play and parenting might be influenced by culture, and how all three may be influenced by environment and resources.  This is about questioning everything.  What are our goals for our children’s lives and …

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