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I went from a teenager who felt awkward moving, to someone who is helping to transition the concept of human movement to a more playful, cooperative, creative path.

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Move Theory Articles

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    Sensational Child Development Claim...

    There are so many sensational claims in child development these days (including this headline – gotcha).  Parents, teachers, concerned community members seem to be experiencing a lot of shared stress about children.  Further, opinions on child rearing and education seem to be getting more polarized …

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  • Play and Developing Ubuntu...

    Ubuntu is a traditional Nguni Bantu (Southern Africa) philosophy which emphasizes our common humanity.  It’s primary tenet is our connectedness and interdependence as fellow human beings.
    “I am, because you are” says Archbishop Desmond Tutu; “ how I behave impacts not only on me but also others …

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  • Tough Enough: Can You Play Through ...

    Some of you thought from the headline that this article was going to be about injury prevention, or toughing it out on a football field didn’t you?  Nope, I lied.  I know, I am a dirty rotten scoundrel. Ah well, now that you’re here, can we talk?
    This …

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  • The 5 Biggest Conflicts in Parentin...

    Solving the 5 Biggest Conflicts in Parenting requires that we stop being so protective of our holy grails.  
    I have been talking about some heavy things lately. Even in social issues, one of the roots is how we parent.  What do our children learn about …

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  • The Things We Will Teach Our Child ...

    Our daughter is a spunky, creative, inquisitive almost 3 year old that is known in public as The Sweet Girl.  One day, she will leave this house.  That is an awesome, natural, scary, and joyful thing.  So, while enjoying every moment with her, we also …

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